This 3D webGL demo was made by Michel Dhoore with .dxf files for an open source cnc gantry router designed by Judah Sher as a Kickstarter project. (the link to the design files is dead but I've put the original zipped directory here for download.) It has great potential in local production and prototyping but needs to be futher developed. With a normal steppermotor controller it has an accuracy of 0.6mm but with microstepping 0.037mm could be achieved. It's largely self-replicating. Only the wooden parts are displayed.

The .dxf-files were converted to .svg and simplefied to reduce the mesh size (so electromechanical components could later be added.) with Inkscape, extruded, assembled, uv textured and exported as javascript with Blender and Gimp. Coding done with Brackets. Testing and debugging done with Firefox and Chrome.

The following javascript libraries were used
three.js (LICENSE)
dat-gui (LICENSE)
jquery (LICENSE)